Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America!!

Jason and I have been watching the John Adams mini-series DVD's this past week. It is amazing to see what our forefathers went through to give us our freedom. What a blessing to celebrate such a wonderful gift! It was a busy fun day!

First was the parade. We only watched part of it and I didn't take any pictures.

Then it was time for... The annual family picnic!! Jason and I were at the picnic, just didn't take any pictures of ourselves, too bad we looked cute in our red, white and blue outfits!!

Oliver loved eating the yummy cake at the picnic!

Alyse and Kenley in red, white and blue.

Ela and Addie sitting in the pool awaiting the sawdust money dig!!

Digging for money. This was my FAVORITE thing to do when I was little. We would take all of our change and go buy fireworks.

Oliver just wanted to dig and dump.

Jason had his kids for the rest of the weekend so we took them to the pool. It was loads of fun!

Walking through the kiddie pool. I spent a lot of time walking through this pool but I would never want to see that bathing suit shot, so no picture.

What cute kids!!!

I love the life jacket and the goggles!
Stadium of Fire Fireworks from Fox Field
Glow sticks, Glow swords and Spiderman popsicles!!! Fun, Fun. Fun!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Night Fireworks

Here is a picture taken by Morgan of our view from the driveway. Thanks to Stefan and Ryan for the great fireworks show.

My dad (Pop as Oliver lilkes to call him) watching fireworks with Oliver

The stinky smoke bomb. Oliver loved it. He is way into his colors right now and he just kept yelling "Green, Green!"

Ellie holding her only other girl cousin Kenley Jean. Morgan reminded me that night of the time that I took Ellie to my apartment to entertain her. I think Morgan was pregnant with Jonas or had just had him. She sat at my pink vanity and we curled her hair and put in a black and white polka dot bow. What a fun memory! I am going to try and find the pictures and do a blast from the past blog post.


Alyse and Oliver watching the show eating snacks. The snacks were amazing, chips, mini diet cokes, red and blue rice krispies and some yummy trail mix. Thanks for being hosts Morgan and Ryan!

My parents. My mom is talking an being funny (without trying) and my dad is laughing. What a fun time!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Fun!!

We went to the hot air balloon festival. It was so cool. It was 6:30 am so we look a little tired in the pictures. Afterwards, we met up with my family and walked over to the hospital and ate breakfast. It was a fun way to kick off the 4th of July weekend!