Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nothing says winter like...


kid made SNOW GLOBES!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun in the Snow!

My parents got Oliver a snow suit and boots as part of his Christmas present. He LOVES to play in the snow and he will pound on the front door if he knows it is snowing until he can go out. We have to spell the word 'outside' and 'Austin'. He loves Austin and if he hears his name he stands at the bottom of the stairs and yells "AUST!" just like he has seen my mom do hundreds of times!!

Anything the baby does....Beanie does too!

As soon as he saw his stroller, all he wanted to do was go on a walk. Oliver and Beanie can convince my mom to take them on a walk regardless of the elements...case in point!

Here he is begging to get in the stroller.

He did not want to take a picture with Nikki...he wanted to get going!
My mom was trying to shovel the snow in the driveway while we were playing with Oliver. It was coming down so hard! It was wet snow. Perfect for a snowman. We made snowballs and showed Oliver how to throw them. He was so excited! He is loving balls right now.

He loved this windmill during the summer time and he loved it just as much when my mom found it buried in the snow!
Walking around in his snow suit! Love him!
Everytime he would fall, he could not get up. He needed help. He was so padded! After falling down one time, he figured things out so each time he would fall he would say "Uh-Oh" really loud. Sometimes my mom and I would be laughing too hard to get him up and he would scream and get MAD!


Family Christmas Party

Oliver dressed up like a Shepherd. It lasted about 30 seconds! Then he kept chasing a ball around the room and pointing to everyone's eyes (he just learned this and is so excited) during the rest of the nativity.

Jantz and Jeremy sat at out table. It was fun.

I gave Austin the camera. He always takes pictures of me pulling a mean face...or maybe I just pull them more that I realize!!

My cute parents!!

Here is the apron my mom made to take to the family party for the gift exchange. She made it and I watched closely. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and made an apron...not as good as this one, but it is still cute. My dad went out 2 days before Christmas, after work, to get my sewing machine. He hates shopping in crowds and he had to go to two stores to find the one they wanted to get me. It was so nice of him and made me love the gift even more.

Sleeping out for Wicket tickets!!!!

I knew the tickets went on sale Friday, December 12th. I called the box office and they told me they were allowing people to start lining up at midnight the night before. I called Melisa to see if she wanted to wait in line with me. Of course, to crazy to know better we did it! She had to meet her husband at the airport and drop off her kids so it was 9:00 or so on the 11th. We were going to head to the Gateway to get dinner and kill time. We decided to drive by the theatre beforehand, and three people were already lined up!! I went and got in line, Melisa parked the car. What an adventure!

This is the 'biggest Wicked Fan in Utah' according to herself. She was dancing and singing "Popular" for the TV cameras in this picture. Right after this shot she fell down flat and landed on some guys sleeping in sleeping bags on the ground. They woke up and were so confused about the lady in the pink sweatshirt laying on top of them!!

The line. We are the puffy ones under the patchwork quilt.

Here we are!! Where are our gloves? I know I had some. Melisa did not, she lost hers. I am soo glad I had my Ugg boots on. My feet are the only things that stayed warm the whole night. I got tickets and sold all my other 5 Sunday show tickets I had from the presale to people at the end of the line!

Santa came to Preschool so my mom brought Oliver to sit on his lap during the break. He didn't cry at all he was a very good boy! He loved ringing Santa's bell!

We had Polar Express week in preschool. Everyone could come in PJ's...even the teacher. I took full advantage of that!

Here is Sophie with Santa. She was scared, but after Santa gave her a present of sparkley jewelry, she decided she liked him and kept going up to him to tell him "Thank You"!

Christmas Bulliten Board...I love the paper plate elf head but it is hard to see in this picture!

One day, I decided that all the kids were going to dress up like a Christmas tree! My grandma Tippetts let Austin decorate himself when he was about 3. She plugged in the lights and everything. She inspired this idea which turned out to be lots of fun!! We plugged in the lights too...this was everyone's favorite part!!


Happy Thanksgiving! This is the Turkey Hat we made in preschool.

I had to try it on Oliver!!

This is the food I made for Thaksgiving: Green Bean Casserole, Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Butter Pie, and Cheesecake

My sister and I wore twin shirts! We did not do it on purpose! We bought them together over a year ago. I have a lot of clothes so I think it is funny we chose to wear the shirt on the same day. I love her pregnant belly in it!!

My grandpa Eli came with us to Thanksgiving. He wanted to give one of his famous dramatic readings, so he did! He was trying to give a second and third one but my mom told we had other things to get to. She was right...dessert!

Here is grandpa Eli sitting at the beautiful table! My favoirte part of Thanksgiving is the china, flatware and goblets!

My mom, Oliver and I took Grandpa Eli to the Golden Corral for Veterans Day. It was really fun, it is my grandpa's favorite place to get steak.

Here is Oliver at the Golden Corral eating whatever he wants!

Here is the family(minus Chris, he had to work) at Grandpa Eli's 90th birthday party!

This is the wreath Melisa made! I absolutely love it! I stopped by the house to watch the project in progress. Melisa and Erin both made one and they are absolutely gorgeous. Melisa has the BEST taste of anyone I know. She is super talented and I am going to make her help me make one next year!!