Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally a post!

I know I haven't posted in awhile so here are 10 things that have happened since we've been married:

1. We drove to Oklahoma for a funeral in March.
2. Jason's dad came back to Utah with us and stayed for a month.
3. Cleaned out our second bedroom
4. Got lots of new preschool students
5. Jason's mom came to Utah to visit for 2 weeks.
6. Lots of Sunday dinner's at my parents house.
7. Put my car up for sale
8. Working on 4 slide shows for the preschool program (which I should be working on instead of updating my blog)
9 My car broke down today before I could sell it.
10. Had a Cinco de Mayo dinner at my parents house (pictures below)

Pops (Oliver's name for my dad) and Oliver eating chips and guac and watching sports. Oliver had to be a kitchen helper but he was still in his church clothes so he was wearing a cinched christmas apron!

Pops and baby Kenley napping

The food. I took a Cafe Rio cooking class a few years ago at Thanksgiving Point. The food is great and cheaper than taking everyone out but TONS of work so we make it once a year, the first Sunday in May.

Pork Salad

Pork Burrito
Black Beans
Cilantro Rice
Mango Salsa (my mom's yummy addition)
The meat
The cooks
Kenley and her mom
Oliver's new church shoes. I loved them!!!
Oliver talking and asking questions. He is non-stop and we love him!
Kenley showing off her Sunday dress.