Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kaylee J. Bonnett...more pics

These pictures are a little grainy. We haven't received the original prints yet but I thought they were so cute! Taken at the hospital at 2 days old!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We have been pretty busy over the last month, but good things are happening and we feel very blessed!

-We moved. We love our new place. There is so much space! I will have to take pictures soon. I have finished unpacking the boxes but we are still organizing and hanging pictures etc.

-My brother Chris and his wife Kristin had their first baby on November 6, 2010. Her name is Kaylee J and she is so sweet! They labor was a little stressful and she ended up having an emergency C Section, but everything turned out great. There was some concern about her little left eye and they actually had to take the baby in an ambulance to the Utah Valley NICU so a pediatric opthomologist could look at her eye. Her mom had to stay at Mountain View hospital to finish recovering. We were so sad for Kristin and so worried for the baby. On Sunday, the eye looked much better and the doctor said she didn't need surgery on it. Kaylee had no other reason to be in the NICU but they don't normally transport them back to Payson. We feel very blessed because they actually allowed my brother and parents to bring her back to the Payson hospital in their car, no ambulance. The nurses at the Payson hospital could not believe that the baby was back, they said that never happens. My mom's sister is a nurse in the Mother/Baby unit in Payson and my dad worked at Utah Valley in the ICU for years so I think that helped their chances ;)
Kaylee J Bonnett 6 lbs 8 oz 18 inches long. We love her! She is so little and is sooo sweet!
5 days old at home!
She has lots of hair, but I just loved this littel purple hat!
1 hour old. Here eyes are so big, but I could never get a picture with them open.
She had to stay in a swing because they needed her to stay propped up until they could look at her eye.

-We are looking forward to Jason, Justus and Jewel coming to visit from Virginia in 11 days! They will be her for 10 days and we can't wait to see them in person. We wish Maeta could come with them but she isn't old enough to fly yet. We are so happy everything turned out well for her yesterday! It has been over a year since we have seen the kids. It feels like we are having Christmas early this year!