Monday, December 21, 2009

Jason's and Kenley's first Bonnett Family Christmas Party

We were eating yummy food! Jason LOVED the food he could not get over how good it was. I guess I am just used to it. Everyone is such great cooks! Alyse just finished feeding babes (Kenley) her food!
My dad and Austin.
Cute Kenley and her dad Stefan. I cannot believe that she is already over 9 months! Love her!!
My mom and Kenley
Oliver was saying "Merry Christmas" like his mommy taught him. I love him!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I love my Christmas Tree!!!

I love decorating for Christmas! My mom has always gone all out for the holidays and Christmas is no exception. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Jason and I borrowed my parents truck and drove all over Utah county to find the best real tree we could find. I love the one we picked!! Jason was very patient with me, I was being pretty high maintenance about the whole ordeal. Last year my mom and sister and I went to Thanksgiving Point after Christmas and I got TONS of tree decorations for 75% off. I love vintage anything and Christmas decorations are no exception. Thanksgiving Point had a huge selection of vintage looking items and I was all over it. I put the silver icicles on because the remind me of the Christmas trees in two of my holiday favorites, White Christmas and Christmas in Conneticut.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Engagement Pictures

My cousin Whitney Taylor took some engagement pictures for us. This is the one posted to her blog. I love how it turned out and I cannot wait to see the rest!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We are engaged!! Save the date...January 15th

WARNING: Pictures without makeup posted below!!!

The Ring

The boy I love

The ring...again. I have the wedding band on for pictures only.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Pictures

We had some pictures taken before Jason's kids moved to Virginia. We miss them!!! A big thank you to our photographer, Morgan.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Jason turned the big 35 today! I am so lucky I got to spend his birthday with him and his kids!

I let him pick what he wanted to do for his birthday activity. He wanted to do something fun with his kids since they are moving to Virginia in a week. He chose to carve pumpkins. It was really fun and they turned our better than I thought they would. We watched conference and carved pumpkins it was a lot of fun!!

We ended the night by going to my parents house. My mom made him a birthday dinner and my sister made him his favorite poppy seed cake. It was fun to go over there because my mom had all of her halloween decorations up, which was spooky and fun. She has a room with witch decorations, a room with pumpking decorations and a Frankenstein decorated room in the basement. I loved seeing all the decorations when I was little and I still love them as an adult.
Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the world!!! Love you tons!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day weekend

Here is what we did over Labor Day Weekend:

Ate Pizza at Two Jacks in Springville

Rode in an Ice Cream truck ride at Walmart

Watched BYU beat Oklahoma!!! Crazy!

Played Battleship to entertain the kids while we watched the game

Tried on my hair things and hats during the game

Put together a giant Halloween floor puzzle and discovered it glowed in the dark! Also, during the game.

Talked about how we would finger paint and play the video game after the football game was over.

Finger painting with glitter, after the game.

Played a Sponge Bob video game we rented, after the football game. It was hard to figure out.

Fed the ducks, twice. The kids got in trouble for chasing the ducks at the first park (no pics of that)

Went to Bridal Veil Falls

Celebrated my sister's birthday and my mom made YUMMY cake!!!

preschool curriculum

I have started a new blog! I will be posting weekly class themes, ideas etc. This is mainly for my benefit as I am starting to forget what we do month to month and year to year! Let me know what you think. Good or bad. See the link at the top of my blog!

Surprise on my shoulder!!

There are two things in life that I hate:



I will swear and run around like a crazy person until the hornet/wasp or mouse is caught and killed. Keep this in mind and note my calm response as you read about what happened today in preschool":

We were outside playing on the playground. It was time to come inside so we started rounding up all the preschool kiddos. We went inside and everyone sat in a circle on the rug. We started reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?" as a group. We were all the way to "Children, Children what do you see?" and one of my students who rarely speaks must have thought we were directing the statement at him because he started pointing at me and yelling "Oh no! Oh no!" I looked down at my right shoulder and saw this staring me in the face

Under normal circumstance I would have said "Son of a B$%#@" and ran around like a crazy person but instead I just camly said, "Uh Oh I have a friend on my shoulder. Miss Dana can you come kill it?" She swatted at it and it flew into one of the little girls tutu skirts (no worries three girls had those on cute is that?) Miss Dana smacked the part of the skirt that was on the ground and killed the little pest. Needless to say we did not finish the book and it was luckily time to go home. I was a little shaken up so I was so happy to see him

standing in the doorway as the students left. Jason left his physics book in my car and came by to get it. It was so good to see him. He ended up going with me to the store after school. Then, we went and put flowers on my grandma's grave for her birthday. He is my favorite person to hang out with. I love it!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It is Thursday...

which means Jason has class and I get to watch:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America!!

Jason and I have been watching the John Adams mini-series DVD's this past week. It is amazing to see what our forefathers went through to give us our freedom. What a blessing to celebrate such a wonderful gift! It was a busy fun day!

First was the parade. We only watched part of it and I didn't take any pictures.

Then it was time for... The annual family picnic!! Jason and I were at the picnic, just didn't take any pictures of ourselves, too bad we looked cute in our red, white and blue outfits!!

Oliver loved eating the yummy cake at the picnic!

Alyse and Kenley in red, white and blue.

Ela and Addie sitting in the pool awaiting the sawdust money dig!!

Digging for money. This was my FAVORITE thing to do when I was little. We would take all of our change and go buy fireworks.

Oliver just wanted to dig and dump.

Jason had his kids for the rest of the weekend so we took them to the pool. It was loads of fun!

Walking through the kiddie pool. I spent a lot of time walking through this pool but I would never want to see that bathing suit shot, so no picture.

What cute kids!!!

I love the life jacket and the goggles!
Stadium of Fire Fireworks from Fox Field
Glow sticks, Glow swords and Spiderman popsicles!!! Fun, Fun. Fun!